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Welcome to the JavaPOS Revised web site. Developed by a joint effort of leading retailers, hardware companies and software companies, the JavaPOS specification was the first technical standard to be endorsed by the National Retail Federation. It includes hardware vendors: Sun Microsystems, IBM, NCR, Epson, Fujitsu, Ultimate Technology, Star and Wincor Nixdorf; retailers: Home Depot, JC Penney, Kmart and Sears; and software companies: PCMS Datafit, RCS, Triversity, BearingPoint, 360Commerce, and many others.

The NRF and its members, including the companies that display logos here, are embracing JavaPOS as a standard because this platform-independent technology can help ensure that point-of-sale environments-from existing POS terminals to emerging platforms including portable devices, the Web and smart cards-can communicate and share applications. Because Java applications can run on a wide variety of systems and devices-from telephony to POS to retail enterprise host systems-this technology holds great promise for the retail industry as it moves into its new generation of fully open solutions.

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