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The jpos.config/loader (JCL) is a very simple loading/configuration API that abstracts and exposes a very small addition which allows the JavaPOS Device Controls supplied on this website to bind with any correctly written equivalent JavaPOS Device Services.


By defining and providing the support code for such a binding API, multiple POS terminal device configurations can be supported within a given store for example with the differences in the per terminal software being limited to an XML configuration file read by the JCL. In a sense the JCL functions here as a sort of Java version of the NT Registry.

Because the JCL uses a "plug-in" architecture, this also allows third-parties to define their own config/loader if they wish.

From whom?

Many of the initial design choices for the JCL were made based upon Sun's original JSD/JSL API. IBM and other members of the JavaPOS technical committee have been responsible for the JCL's subsequent evolution, release and ongoing maintenance as an "open source" API.

See the current header of each of the JCL Java files for more info on the legality issues.

What else do I need to use it?

For the latest version, you will need the JavaPOS controls 1.8 or later, the JCL JAR files and an understanding of how to configure your services.

RS232/Parallel Ports:
If you want to configure pure Java Device Services that connect to RS232 (serial) or parallel ports then you will also need the javax.comm package, which can come from one of several sources:
  1. JavaComm V3.0 from Sun, for Linux and Solaris at: (Select "Downloads")
  2. JavaComm contained in IBM's JRE download for Windows (for IBM systems only) at:
  3. SerialIO provides RS232 JavaComm support on more than 26 platforms. Ongoing service contracts are available. See:
  4. A rather outdated Linux Freeware mapping of JavaComm (RS232 only) See: (Then select "CommAPI" choice from top bar)
Universal Serial Bus (USB)
If you want to configure pure Java Device Services that connect to the Universal Serial Bus (USB) then you will also need the implementation of the JSR 80 API specification for USB support, which is a sourceforge project, located at

How do I get JCL?

All information related to the JCL, including access to the Zip file containing the latest JCL release is located at:

As the top level webpage indicates:
This open source software is provided for configuration and loading of device services developed to the JavaPOS architecture and standard.

For questions or problems concerning the operation of this site please contact the webmaster.